New York Ah, New York. What is there to say about NYC that has not already been said, many times by many people. There’s everything here, even the odd bear shop. Be advised that it’s very expensive. There’s the price and tax and more tax… But, on a nice day, it’s a great place to visit and a lot of it is very walkable. For the rest, get a travel pass and use the bus or subway. There are obvious things to visit, and, if it’s your first visit, don’t discount them: the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Central Park Coney Island Times Square (maybe) the theatres Rockefeller Center all the galleries and museums Beware of scammers selling blank cds, or people in stupid animal suits offering a pose at a cost. We have never seen any bear suits actually. It’s best to plan your visit. Get theatre tickets before you go. Remember that it’s expensive and expect to pay $200+ for one decent seat. Concerts can be cheaper. If you like shopping, there is Macy’s, apparently the largest store in the world. It may be worth a visit, but it is still Macy’s after all. We prefer Bloomies. It’s more of a bear shop. And if you go, behind Bloomingdales is the cable car to Roosevelt Island, where the views are pretty good. Other things should be booked in advance, like the Empire State building. Go at dusk, but it’s expensive. Is NYC safe? Well, no. Any big city with millions of rather gormless tourists wandering around is bound to attract criminals and scam artists. But keep your wits about you and your possessions safe and you will be just fine. NYC is a place you will either love or hate. It doesn’t show its merits that easily, but it is a fun place to visit, and don’t forget the free ferry to Staten Island!
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